Trump Opioid Commission Ignores Benefits of Medical Cannabis

While new studies come out almost daily showing the positive effects of recreational cannabis, those in charge with the power to change things effectively ignore it’s benefits. Much has been talked about of President Trump assembling a committee to tackle the national opioid crisis but after their fourth meeting earlier this month not one mention has been made of the addiction alleviating benefits of cannabis. The Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis promises to “keep drugs from pouring into our country and to help those who have been so badly affected by them” while blatantly ignoring the pharmaceutical manufacturers peddling the poison to it’s own citizens. According to the journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence in 2017, states with legal medical cannabis experienced a 23% decrease in opioid related hospital visits and a 13% decline in hospitalized overdoses. Similar studies have been done since 2014 that show a clear association between regulated medical cannabis and a decrease in opioid related deaths. States with medicinal programs on average experience a 20% decrease in opioid deaths compared to states without medical marijuana programs. As the ignorance from the top down becomes clear it is up to the American public to let their representatives know it is unacceptable to ignore these benefits with supporting the big pharma machine!

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