Study Shows 2 out of 3 Cannabis Patients Give Up Opioids

A study by Aclara Research on 400 patients and 500 pharmacists found that 67% of patients reported ceasing their use of opioids in favor of medical marijuana. Out of the remaining patients, an additional 29% were able to reduce their use of opioid medications leaving just 4 percent (or 1 in 25) whose use was left unchanged. This shows huge benefits in the harm reduction of patient medication use and specifically tackling the opioid crisis overtaking the US. Out of the 500 patients, 30% reported ceasing all use of pharmaceuticals completely! It’s another study that proves exactly what pharmaceutical manufacturers don’t want to hear, that cannabis can allow people to ween themselves off more harmful substances in favor of a natural remedy that truly heals. It’s the sole reason huge companies are donating large sums towards anti-legalization movement. Soon it will be hard to ignore studies such as this recent project by The Journal of Pain showing a 64% decrease in opiate use among medical patients in Michigan.

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