Cannabis Organizations Help Veterans with Medical Cannabis

Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served and for those who have sacrificed for our country. It is because of veterans, and those who are currently serving, that we have the freedoms we take for granted today.
We must honor those with dignity, pride and compassion. One of the best ways to honor our vets with compassion is to allow them access to medicinal cannabis. Here are some resources from the cannabis community which contains specific information for veterans in need.
Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access or VMCA, advocates for veterans’ rights to access medical cannabis for therapeutic purposes. VMCA encourages all legislative bodies to endorse veterans’ rights to use medical cannabis therapeutically and responsibly, and is working to end all prohibitions associated with such use. VMCA is working to preserve and protect the long established doctor-patient relationship including the ability to safely discuss medical cannabis use within the V.A. healthcare system without fear of punishment or retribution. The VMCA offers updates on states legislation, case studies, and must read articles related to veterans’ mental health.
“The mission of Grow for Vets USA is to help save the more than 50 Veterans who die each day from suicide and prescription drug overdose. Grow for Vets provides Veteran heroes with safe alternatives to deadly prescription drugs. We connect Veterans with the knowledge and resources necessary to obtain or grow their own cannabis for the treatment of their medical conditions.”
Grow for Vets offers programs for free access to hemp oil. “AirDrop Support” uses donations to supply veterans with a free monthly supply of hemp oil. “Operation Stamp Out Suicide” is a fundraising effort that supplies the life saving cannabis and hemp products at no cost.
Weed for Warriors Project was started in the San Francisco Bay Area by an OEF United States Marine Corps Veteran who found relief from his service connected disabilities through medical marijuana and the fellowship of other like minded Veterans within the cannabis community. Founded in 2014, the WFW Project aims to allow Veterans the freedom to use medical marijuana as a recognized medical alternative to harmful psychiatric drugs without any discrimination or unjust actions against the individual.
Weed for Warriors Project is a proactive group with major endorsements from mainstream advocates like Dr. Sanjay Gupta. This site has multiple platforms such as social media outlets, podcasts, and videos.
WFWP is active in sending correspondence to government officials regarding the advocacy of using cannabis without incrimination. You can read the urgent plea to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions here.
These are some of the many resources available from the cannabis community helping veterans in need. We must continue to support and treat our veterans with respect, dignity and compassion. After all, if we don’t take care of those who fought for our freedoms, we may not be able to have the freedom to fight for this cause.
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